Monday, July 3, 2017


What does independence mean to you?

For me it means:
Freedom of speech
Laughing, dancing and playing with my family and friends with no pretense.
Listening to inspiring music, whether Rachmaninoff or AC/DC is inspiring me at the moment.
It means letting everyone be their true self
Free to share nature with each other, animals, birds and plants
Freedom means being able to communicate what I feel inside, even if awkward.
Freedom is not wearing a bra when I get home, or shoes, or pants.
Freedom is running and jumping in puddles.
Freedom is laughing hard, breathing soft, crying when I need to.
Sometimes I don't cry when everyone else does...that is ok too.

Freedom is living out loud when I want to, or not answering the door when I need some down time.
Freedom is jammin' on my violin or singing with my friends...for hours...
Freedom is sitting at my parents grave watching the butterflies, which symbolize my parents reaching out to me, or the bunnies in the distance.
Freedom is jumping on my bed with my husband or watching puss videos, are we 50 or 15? Does it matter?
Freedom is the country I live in and the many who fought for it.  I think of my dad, a mere boy fighting in WW2, probably scared, sad, unsure, but brave.
I also think of my ancestors and the old land I come from. I know that I can visit and that is freedom as well.
Freedom is not without heartache for a loved one and family member we lost far too soon today.
Freedom is believing there is a plan in this universe.

Freedom is swimming in a cool stream, hiking with the deer.
Freedom is love
Freedom is my children
Freedom is me

July 3rd (almost 4th) 2017

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