Monday, June 12, 2017

TUESDAY: Garden Madness

Happy Garden Day!  I just want you to know that I got ready for work this morning, packed my lunch, then went out in the backyard with my daughter Jordan, and we took 10 minutes to sit quietly, center ourselves, focus on our goals for the day and BREATHE!  We were out by my rose bushes and the smell was so sweet, the sun so warm on our faces and it was heavenly.

I want to tell you about my roses.  I have been married to my second husband Jeff since 2007, yes, 10 years this year!  For my first anniversary, he bought me a beautiful rose bush.  This has been a tradition every year, and we have some beautiful roses, each with memories of the hard, the good and the events of that year of marriage.  I will share some pictures of these roses.

My daughter Jordan got married in April to her honey Adrian, and they planted a sapling that was part of their wedding ceremony so they can visit this tree up in a meadow up the canyon.

Think of planting trees or bushes for special times.  I have heard of trees for births, my friend received a "Rose of Sharon" to celebrate her mother when she passed away as a sweet reminder of her.

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