Friday, June 9, 2017

Blog Layout

Blog Layout:

This is a little guide to let you know how this blog will be set up.
Every day will have a different theme, all to do with what I am concentrating on in my life.
You may want to visit every Monday, to get my menu and recipe's, my tips on preparing food
Or you may be into music, exercise, or mind health.  Here is the guideline:

Monday Menu: I will post our Menu for the week, ideas on how to power cook on the week end for the whole week, healthy snack ideas, cooking tricks and recipes

Tuesday: I will be in my garden, showing pictures of my flower, English, shade garden, annuals and perennials, veggie garden, fruit trees, ideas for container gardens and growing veggies in pots and in the soil. Organic pesticides and how to use your produce in your meals.

Wednesday: Mind and Meditation. I will be learning how to ground, how to Meditate, clear the mind and energy in your body and mine.  Yoga, healing, nature.

Thursday: Physical health- this is where I will discuss my exercise, get knowledge from others who have different ideas on weight training, yoga, hiking, swimming, biking, dancing, Zumba, running, walking, cardio, hearth health.  I will also share my progress here.

Friday: Family Friday- this is where I will share my family, my love for them. I will share fun things to do together as a family, ideas for family counsels, communication, activities, and goals.  I LOVE my family and this is important to me.

Inspiration Saturday: I will have a write up from those in life who inspire me!  

Sunday: This is where I will share my love of music, old school, classical, contemporary and all that MOVES ME.

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